Latest COVID-19 News

Here is the latest news from Glen Eira Council on COVID-19 restrictions and how they impact the Moorleigh Community, together with a link to the latest U3AM COVID Safety Plan, which is regularly revised.

Dear Tenants,

Following is important information that we request you review and inform your members and visitors of via your newsletters, electronic communications and other means.

Covid Restrictions

The Acting Premier announced [1] changes to restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria from 11.59pm Thursday 3 June to 11.59pm Thursday 10 June 2021. Please see the attached documents for details:

Please consider reviewing and updating your Covid Plan (with the restrictions in mind) as appropriate and if you have made changes send it through to

Council has now installed signage for the Services Victoria QR code at the front and back entry doors into the Chris Koutoumas and Barry Neve Wings, as this is now a legislative requirement. Tenants in the Bob Flavell Wing (including the East Bentleigh Community Garden) should all have their own Services Victoria QR Code sign-in at the entrance to their room/space. If you use a room on a casual basis i.e. Defenders Table Tennis Group you need to set up a Services Victoria QR Code and use it during your session. You can find information on how to do this here and here  I believe that most tenants already have their own Services Victoria QR Code and we thank you for that.

When Moorleigh is open again, we ask that you continue with the current arrangements whereby your members and visitors proceed to the activity/office they are attending and use your Services Victoria QR Code or manually sign in. This is the most effective way of ensuring contact tracing can be done if there is a positive case of Covid-19 at Moorleigh. Councils Services Victoria QR at the front entrance to the Chris Koutoumas and Barry Neve Wings will be used for visitors and contractors not attached to a tenant and if you or your members move between wings.

We suggest encouraging members and visitors to download the Services Victoria app to their phone as this makes check-in so much quicker as details can be saved.

In addition to your own Services Victoria QR Code for contact tracing, you need to have a manual attendance list as this is also important for emergency procedures so that you have the capacity to check that all attendees are out of the building in the event of an evacuation. I know many of you already have this so this is a gentle reminder.

Current Requirements for Masks

Masks must be worn at all times, both indoor and outdoor settings, when not in your private residence. Unless an exemption applies.

Please contact me if you require additional information or assistance or are uncertain about the guidelines.

Warm regards

Ros Porter

Community Development Officer – Moorleigh Community Village

Glen Eira City Council








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