The Ultimate Aussie Trivia Quiz – Part 1

Remember, pub rules apply – no Googling!

Welcome to the Aussie Trivia Quiz - Part 1

1. Why is the emu and the kangaroo depicted on Australia's Commonwealth Coat of Arms?
2. How many states does Australia have?
3. What year did Australia get its first female Prime Minister?
4. Which famous Aussie sang the song "Tenterfield Saddler"?
5. Where in Australia is the town, Tenterfield, located?
6. Which of these famous actors was NOT born in Australia?
7. How many joeys can a kangaroo have at one time?
8. What constellation is depicted on the Australian flag?
9. Who is the only Australian to win the Nobel Prize for literature?
10. How does the second verse of "Advance Australia Fair" start?
11. What is the town, Coober Pedy, famous for?
12. Australia is home to "big things". Which one of these is NOT real?
13. Australia has a wild population of camels: True or False?
14. What's the name of Australia's largest working cattle station?
15. How many medals did Australia win at the 2016 Olympics?

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