The Ultimate Aussie Trivia Quiz – Part 2

Remember, pub rules apply – no Googling!

Welcome to the Aussie Trivia Quiz - Part 2

1. What do you call a group of platypuses?
2. In what sport did Steven Bradbury win his 2002 Olympic gold medal in?
3. Which of these technologies did an Australian NOT help invent?
4. What is the name of this animal?
5. Dunnedoo is a place in Australia: True or False?
6. What year did the Sydney Harbour Bridge open?
7. What nationality was the architect of the Sydney Opera House?
8. How many times has Australia won a gold medal in netball at the Commonwealth Games?
9. Finish the lyric: "Have you ever ..."?
10. What is the name given to a male kangaroo?
11. Who is Miles Franklin?
12. Who is Australia's Head of State?
13. What NRL club joined with the Balmain Tigers in 1999?
14. In what region was Qantas established?
15. And in what year was it established?

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